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DAN ATTOE Iowa City, Iowa


My paintings are short stories and games. The characters and spaces they inhabit are varyingly real and imaginary. They all come from a wide range of research in popular culture, travel, rural life and people I know or have made up. Humor, mystery and specificity are some of my favorite things to play with.

I do a small painting every week day and put something on a larger one. This is all part of an experiment. This serves to explore my own development and record my culture. The nature of this project places me in the role of an indicator.

My sculptural tents are as much about creating an atmosphere (interior) as they are about engaging similar themes as my paintings. The embroidering on them are usually double entendres, meant to have a meaning related to the act of camping and a second more contemplative meaning.

Having grown up in small towns and ranger stations in the west and Midwest with two brothers, much of my formative experience is in dealing with specifically male politics. Subsequently, much of the issues dealt with in my work are rooted in masculinity or issues of the middle class. These things range from confronting femininity, power struggling, and working, to looking for a sense of purpose.

Dan Attoe


Girl in Skirt

all works are oil on MDF (panel)
sizes are between 5x5" and 7x7"