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JERED SPRECHER New York , New York


My current studio practice is based in the diversity of visual culture. I am a hunter and a gatherer, constantly accumulating images produced by the people and cultures around me. Segments of this collection of images then emerge in my paintings. My work shows images that are revealed as fragments in the midst of change, destruction, redefinition, and restoration. The sources they are drawn from are changing and evolving and the paintings are caught in that “still" moment of change. They are emptied out, but still hold on to tiny elemental details of where they came from and perhaps where they are going. This visual language I draw from is in a constant state of change just as the everyday spoken and written languages of the world continue to evolve.

In my working method common threads between continents and peoples are sought. Today as the exchange of information increases on a daily basis, it becomes more difficult to trace the heredity of images. One is seldom afforded the time to begin to understand what one is viewing before the image has moved on and evolved. It is out of this fast paced exchange that I extract elements that resonate with a sense of meaning.




An Untitled